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Joy2Jxn Serve Day

October 21 • 8:30 a.m. – Noon
Leavell Woods Park
Jackson Leadership Foundation
Hope House of Hospitality

 Serve Day this fall will focus on several projects at Leavell Woods Park, the Jackson Leadership Foundation, and the Hope House of Hospitality. We'll start the day with a short prayer time in the CLC parking lot before going to our projects, then come together again for lunch and fellowship at Leavell Woods Park.

Project 1

Leavell Woods Park

This is a family project open to individuals of all ages and to families with children. Older children can work with some of the projects while younger children can play under supervision. Families are welcome to bring any recreational equipment or gear they desire.

Field Refurbishment
Volunteers will carry out basic clean-up and field refurbishment to the four baseball fields at the park. Work will include

  • raking, cleaning out weeds, grass, and other rubbish from the infield areas and carrying the debris to a specified dumping area; 
  • raking and smoothing the cleaned areas for continuing maintenance and following stages of refurbishment;
  • painting/touching up the dugouts and announcers areas on each field; and
  • electrical sanding, prepping and sealing wooden bleachers.

Materials needed: Rakes, shovels, hoes, garden hand tools, work gloves, electric weed eaters, and other groundskeeping equipment. We will also need wheelbarrows and 10x10 tarps to move debris to the dump sites. Large garbage bags can also be helpful.

Support Building Cleanout and Organization
This team will clean out and remove debris and unwanted items from the principal support building that houses the concession stand and one of the restroom areas. These items will be carried to a designated disposal area. 

Materials needed: Work gloves, construction-grade garbage bags, brooms, scrapers, rakes, and trash cans.

Welding Project
Volunteers with experience in basic welding and with access to a welding machine will be asked to strengthen and add security features to one of the access doors to the restroom in the main concession building. The design is already in place and needs to be implemented. 

Materials needed: Welding equipment, generator for electricity, welding supplies and protective gear, drills, and large drill bits for metal. 

Project 2

Jackson Leadership Foundation

The aim of this project is to help one of our ministry partners continue the work of refurbishing a building they were given and a ministry center in Downtown Jackson. The project is to help dismantle a row of bank teller desks on the ground floor where a bank branch was originally located.

Materials Needed: Basic hand tools (wrenches, pliers, pry bars, screwdrivers of all types (electric and manual), wood saws, and hammers. Work gloves, safety glasses, large garbage bags, etc. 

Project 3

Hope House of Hospitality

This project will complete the spring project of sanding, sealing, and painting window frames. 

Materials needed: Paint, primer, and brushes are already on site. Volunteers will need to come with painting clothes and latex gloves if they have them; small to medium step ladders

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State Fair Evangelism Ministry

October 5–15 
State Fairgrounds

The State fair will be upon us in a few weeks. Again, this year, we are partnering with the Mississippi State Baptist Convention and the Department of Evangelism in our Convention's joint effort to have a Gospel witness during these days. 

You can be an active sharer of the Gospel for those who are interested in considering the Good News. You can also be a friendly face and a helping hand in ways that can encourage fair-goers to consider the claims of Jesus. The opportunities are many.


Each month, several FBJ groups deliver meals in different parts of our community. To learn more about how you can help with this ongoing ministry, contact Jim Spikes at the link below.



The Media team is looking for volunteers to help with our audio and video production. No experience is needed, just a willingness to learn and serve! Contact us at the link below to learn more and be a part of a team that supports all ministries of FBJ.


Do you enjoy meeting new people and sharing FBJ with others? The First Impressions Team may be a place for you to serve at FBJ, as you welcome guests and help them get connected on Sunday mornings and at other events through the year. Use the button below to find out more about serving with this group.



Our 2023 mission trips give First Baptist Jackson members opportunities to share the Gospel in places as close as New Orleans, as remote as Botswana, and many points in between. To learn more about these trips, visit our Global Outreach page.