We know that Groups at FBJ are the life of the church. Some prefer a Sunday school class, while others prefer a community group. Whatever your preference is, get plugged in to grow deeper in your faith walk and in community with others. If you are looking for a group to join, text FBJGROUPS to 94000 and we would love to help you connect with one.

9:00 a.m. Groups

Preschool (Birth—K5) | Preschool Area (1st Floor)

Children (Grades 1-6) | 5th Floor East

Students (Grades 7-12) | 3rd Floor CLC

College | CLC 307-308 | Leaders: Mitch and Mallory McCoy


Ages 22-39

Young Adults (Twenties) | CLC Dining Room
Leaders: Ron & Beth Aldridge, Jeff & Diane Zachary, David & Claire Sullivan, Ross & Brittany Aven

Next Gen Class | CLC 201
Leaders: Jack & Tammy Lane, Stacy & Laurie Davidson; Joel & Meredith Travelstead

Young Adults (Married) | W430
Leaders: Lee Cope/Buddy Huff/Don Williams

Embrace Grace | CLC Conference Room

Young Adults (Married) | W533
Leaders: Al Steele and Greg Fiser

Young Married Adults | W431
Leaders: Bobby & Amy Perkins, Tyler & Mallory Rosamond, Wes & Melissa McCleese

Young Adults (Married) | W532
Leaders: Art & Becky Stevens, Randy & Sherri Russell, Pate & Kacey Shackelford

Young Adults (Married) | W437
Leaders: Don Waller, Jackie Meck, and Danny White

Young Professionals (Coed) | W432
Leaders: Cody Bailey, Graham Calvert, Bill Ashford, David Jones


Single Adults  | CLC Arts & Crafts Room 2
Leader: Jim Merritt

Single Adults (Coed; 35-49) | W435
Leaders: Mark Williams and Paul Calhoun


Median Adults | CLC Game Room
Leaders: Paul Adcock and Mike Brister

Median Adults (Married; 40-45) | W433
Leaders: Todd Adkins/Bob Filgo/Mike Thompson

Chinese Ministry Class | Chapel Bridesmaid Room
Leader: Gee-Wei Lee

Choir Class (Coed; All Ages) | W530
Leader: Harry Barrett

Connections (Married; All Ages) | E401/405
Leader: Chris Maddux

Emmaus (Married; All Ages) | Fellowship Hall West
Leader: Mike Harland

His Followers (Married; All Ages) | E423
Leader: Joe Young

Hope Class (Coed; All Ages) | Global Missions Center
Leader: Bill Townsend

International Sunday School | W230
Leaders: Charlie & Nita Boudreaux

Median Adults (Coed; 42-50) | E408
Leaders: Eric & Tree James

Median Adults (Married; All Ages) | S425/426
Leader: Harold Johnson/Barnett

Median Adults (Women; 45-70) | W529
Leaders: Charlotte McMinn/Elisa McCurley

Median Adults (Married; All Ages) | W531
Leader: Kendall Smith

Special Needs Ministry | W230
Leader: Marlene Davis

Median Adults (Married; 40-45) | W436
Leader: Tate Thigpen

Median Adults (Coed; 50-59) | E414
Leaders: Bob Waller/Tim Powell

Median Adults (Women; All Ages) | E413
Leader: Sandra Yarbrough

Median Adults | S201
Leader: Sam Peeples


Ages 60+

Senior Adults (Coed; All Ages) | W237/238
Leader: Bob Anderson

Berean (Men; All Ages) | E416

Friends in Faith (Coed; 70+) | E411
Leader: Bill Lee

Senior Adults (Coed;l All Ages) | E537
Leader: Cyndi Grace

Senior Adults (Men; All Ages) | E415
Leader: John Little

Peace & Grace (Women; All Ages) | E412
Leader: Robin Wise

Senior Adults (Coed; All Ages) | W429
Leader: Don Watts


Adults | Zoom
Leader: Nick Walters

Senior Adults (Coed; All Ages) | Zoom
Leader: Bobby Baker & Peggy Johnson