We know that Groups at FBJ are the life of the church. Some prefer a Sunday school class, while others prefer a community group. Whatever your preference is, get plugged in to grow deeper in your faith walk and in community with others. If you are looking for a group to join, text FBJGROUPS to 94000 and we would love to help you connect with one.

9:00 a.m. Groups

Preschool (Birth—K5) | Preschool Area (1st Floor)

Children (Grades 1-6) | 5th Floor East

Students (Grades 7-12) | 3rd Floor CLC

College | CLC 307-308 | Leaders: Mitch and Mallory McCoy


Ages 22-39

Young Adults (Twenties) | CLC Dining Room
Leaders: Ron & Beth Aldridge, Jeff & Diane Zachary, David & Claire Sullivan

Next Gen Class | CLC 201
Leaders: Jack & Tammy Lane, Stacy & Laurie Davidson; Joel & Meredith Travelstead

Embrace Grace | CLC Conference Room



Young Adults (Married) | W430
Leaders: Lee Cope/Buddy Huff/Don Williams/Cody Bailey

Young Adults (Married) | W431
Leaders: Bobby & Amy Perkins, Tyler & Mallory Rosamond

New: Young Adults (Married; 25-45) | W432
Leader: Dr. Bruce Warf

Young Adults (Married) | W437
Leaders: Don Waller, Jackie Meck, and Danny White

Young Adults (Married) | W532
Leaders: Art & Becky Stevens, Randy & Sherri Russell, Pate & Kasey Shackelford

 Young Adults (Married) | W533
Leaders: Al Steele and Greg Fiser



Single Adults  | CLC Arts & Crafts Room 2
Leader: Jim Merritt

Single Adults (Coed; 35-49) | W435
Leader: Paul Calhoun


Median Adults (55-65) | CLC Game Room
Leaders: Paul Adcock and Mike Brister

Median Adults (Married; 40-45) | W433
Leaders: Todd Adkins/Bob Filgo/Mike Thompson

Chinese Ministry Class | Chapel Bridesmaid Room
Leader: Gee-Wei Lee

Choir Class (Coed; All Ages) | W529
Leader: Harry Barrett

Connections (Married; All Ages) | E401/405
Leader: Chris Maddux

Emmaus (Married; All Ages) | Fellowship Hall West
Leader: Ken Blackstock

His Followers (Married; All Ages) | E423
Leader: Joe Young

 International Bible Study 
W234 - Charlie & Nita Boudreaux (Advanced English)
W232 - Lillian Prewitt (Beginner/Intermediate English)

Median Adults (Coed; 42-50) | E408
Leaders: Eric & Tree James

Median Adults (Married; All Ages) | S425/426
Leader: Harold Johnson/Barnett

Median Adults (Women; 45-70) | W536
Leaders: Charlotte McMinn/Elisa McCurley

Median Adults (Married; All Ages) | W531
Leader: Kendall Smith

Special Needs Ministry | W230
Leader: Marlene Davis

Median Adults (Married; 40-45) | W436
Leader: Tate Thigpen

Median Adults (Coed; 50-59) | E414
Leaders: Bob Waller/Tim Powell

Median Adults (Women; All Ages) | E413
Leader: Sandra Yarbrough

Median Adults (Coed; 55-70) | S201
Leader: Sam Peeples


Ages 60+

Senior Adults (Coed; All Ages)
9:00 a.m. | W237/238
Leader: Bob Anderson
This class studies the Bible guided by the Explore the Bible Sunday School Series. Bob primarily lectures but class participation is welcomed.

Berean (Men; 65+)
9:00 a.m. | E416
Leader: David Jordan
This men’s class is fortunate to have several seasoned teachers in the class and these men share the teaching responsibilities week by week. This class has plenty of discussion although primarily would be described as a lecture style of teaching. They use Explore the Bible. They have an unusually effective way of quickly sharing prayer requests with a sizeable class, so as not to interfere with a full lesson.

Friends in Faith (Coed; 70+)
9:00 a.m. | E411
Leader: Bill Lee
This class is a great place to plug in for Single Seniors or anyone who likes a class that gets together for fun! Bill has a great teaching style that incorporates discussion using Explore the Bible series.

Senior Adults (Coed; All Ages)
Leader: Cyndi Grace
Explore the Bible is the launching pad this coed group uses. They genuinely enjoy one another and Cyndi is a seasoned teacher who has in the past written Sunday School lessons published statewide. Explore the Bible is used in this class led by a master teacher.

Senior Adults (Men; All Ages)
9:00 a.m. | E415
Leader: John Little
This men’s class is one that is primarily made up of more seasoned adults, but a couple of younger men are on the roll too. John Little spends hours preparing for the class and they too use Explore the Bible. At age 92, John is our most senior teacher and his wealth of knowledge is a blessing to this class. Primarily lecture, but John is very open to class participation.

Peace & Grace (Women; All Ages)
9:00 a.m. | E412
Leader: Robin Wise
Robin and the women in the class use the Explore the Bible series, but primarily as a launching pad. Robin does a great deal of research and goes deep in her lesson prep. The teaching style is lecture, but with much freedom to ask questions and make comments. The class also comes regularly gets together outside of the classroom.

Senior Adults (Coed; All Ages)
9:00 a.m. | W429
Leader: Don Watts
This class uses Explore the Bible and Don incorporates music in the lesson prep, sending a teaser email to the class almost every week that includes a popular song or hymn that ties to the previous lesson or the upcoming lesson. Some class members also join by Zoom.


Senior Adults (Coed; All Ages)
9:00 a.m. Zoom
Leader: Bobby Baker & Peggy Johnson
This class meets weekly by zoom only. Bobby Baker leads this class, which uses Explore the Bible. They use a hybrid of lecture and discussion. The class moves directly from Sunday School to the morning worship service together via the internet.  The class gathers in person quarterly for an in-person luncheon.