The FBJ Preschool Ministry partners with parents in introducing babies and preschool- and kindergarten age children to the basic beliefs of Christianity and teaching them about God’s love for us.


Updated September 16, 2020 | 4:45 pm

Limited Childcare will be provided by reservation for children from birth through Kindergarten during the 9:00 and 10:30 am services. Childcare registration will open on Monday at 8:00 a.m. for the following Sunday, and close at noon on Thursday, or when capacity is reached.

  • All children are welcome to accompany their parents to the worship service.
  • Families are welcomed to continue participating in church online with their families at home.
  • If your child has had fever or other symptoms of illness, please worship online.
  • If you or your child have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please worship online.
  • Children from birth through Kindergarten with reservations may be dropped off in the preschool drive through.
  • Parents, please remain in your car. A volunteer will come out, ask you a couple of health screening questions about your child, and take your child’s temperature with a no-touch thermometer.
  • A volunteer will present each parent with their guardian receipt sticker and put an identification sticker on the child. These stickers will be printed ahead of time based on people who have registered their children. Any special needs or instructions will be printed on the child’s identification sticker.
  • A volunteer will then unload the children and walk them to their classrooms. Babies can be carried in their car seats.
  • You may then park your car and go to the worship service.

Option A

  • After the service, parents may again drive through the preschool drive through.
  • Please remain in your car.
  • Present your guardian sticker to a drive through volunteer, and they will get your child.

Option B

  • Parents may come to the preschool access door off the first-floor atrium (across from Fellowship Hall East). All other internal access doors to the preschool will be locked.
  • Present your guardian sticker to the volunteer at the door.
  • Only one adult will be allowed into the preschool area to pick up each child.
  • Follow the flow of traffic arrows to retrieve your children and then exit through the preschool drive through doors.
  • Children will not eat a snack during this one hour. However, bed babies can be given a bottle.
  • Each room will be limited to no more than 10 children.
  • Children will remain in classroom group and will not mingle with other classes.
  • People with underlying health conditions and people over 65 years of age are encouraged not to serve.
  • Should a child exhibit illness symptoms, they will immediately be brought to the Preschool Ministry office, and the parents will be contacted.
  • Each room will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.