The FBJ Preschool Ministry partners with parents in introducing babies and preschool- and kindergarten age children to the basic beliefs of Christianity and teaching them about God’s love for us.


Updated March 26, 2021
Please note that all drop-offs and pick-ups are in the first-floor atrium at the State Street entrance.

  • Preschool Sunday School at 9:00 am is for all preschoolers, birth-kindergarten.
  • For the 10:30 am service, Preschool Ministry is available for preschoolers from birth through 3 years old.


  • Bring your children to the Preschool Lobby.
  • A volunteer will check your child in and present the parent with two identification stickers and a guardian receipt.
  • The parent will walk the children to their classroom and present the teacher with the two identification stickers but keep the guardian receipt for when the parent picks the child up.


  • After the service, parents come to the preschool area to pick up their children.
  • A volunteer will be metering the number of parents who are in the preschool area at a time to reduce exposure.
  • Parents will present their child’s teacher with the guardian receipt to pick up their child.
  • Each room will be limited to no more than 8-10 children.
  • Children will remain in classroom group and will not mingle with other classes.
  • People with underlying health conditions and people over 65 years of age are encouraged not to serve.
  • Should a child exhibit illness symptoms, they will immediately be brought to the Preschool Ministry office, and the parents will be contacted.
  • Each room will be thoroughly cleaned after each use.