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Written by FBJ Women for Women

September 30, 2020

by: Camille Anding

A Parable Illustration

When our front lawn began to turn from a medium beige to a lovely shade of spring green, I was elated. I was tired of the lifeless lawn and its short, dry stubble. It was time for the hum of the lawnmower and a refreshing look to our address.

However, just as quickly as the blades of grass turned green, an array of bright yellow dandelion blooms emerged on the lawn. Their blooms are a delightful, cheerful shade of yellow, but those fluffy puffs of floating seeds soon follow, and with them comes a weed-infested lawn.

This year I decided I could remedy the infestation so I headed for the weed-kill aisle in the store. Weeds have become big business according to the prices and selections of their control. I selected a 10-pound variety and felt armed for the battle.

The weather cooperated with the instructions to water the lawn soon after dispersing the killer. Wearing my heavy-duty gloves, I scattered the granules over the lawn and waited for the rain. The shower dissolved the granules, and I felt certain that my dandelion problems were dissolving with them.

I was the official dandelion inspector for the next week. By the sixth day, the dandelions were still blooming, and I felt like my miracle killer was a hoax.

The weekend came, and we had to be away on business. When we returned, our lawn waved me down before I could get out of the car. The dandelions were gone along with a large portion of our lawn! A few groupings of green grass remained, but the dead, bald spots were the main attraction.

My husband asked in disbelief, “What happened to our grass?”

“It wasn’t grass,” I answered, “it was weeds in disguise!”

That episode reminded me of Matthew’s parable of the wheat and tares. God’s kingdom is filled with authentic believers and counterfeits. They can blend together, but the day of harvest is coming. Matthew 13:43 says “The righteous will shine forth as the sun,” and the weeds will be cast into the furnace of fire.

That parable wouldn’t be so riveting if it were just describing weeds.

“His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up that chaff with unquenchable fire.” Matthew 3:12

Almighty God, There are counterfeit Christians in our world – some intentionally but most not even aware. Help us to test our faith, to check our desire for the Word and assembling with fellow believers. Blending in might work for now, but God will not accept any counterfeits in His holy dwelling. Amen.

Camille Anding

Camille Anding


  • Camille Anding is a child of God since age 12.
  • Wife of 53 years to Othel; mother to Tahya and Eli;l grandmother to seven grandchildren and two great-grands.
  • Retired from photography business with Othel. Now carry cameras on their travel adventures.
  • Freelance writer, regular contributor to Hometown magazines, and dedicated to living “my utmost for His highest.”