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Plan Your Wedding

How to Schedule Weddings

To reserve a date for your wedding, contact our Wedding Coordinator, listed below. Requested dates will be reviewed for conflicts, with final approval taking approximately one week to confirm.

Weddings for couples who are members of First Baptist Jackson are booked up to a year in advance and may be held in the Sanctuary or Chapel.

Weddings for couples who are not members of First Baptist Jackson may be booked up to a year in advance and can be held in the Chapel only.

Once you have reserved a date through our wedding coordinator, you will be asked to fill out the online wedding plan, policy agreement, and technical requests. This information is sent straight to our Wedding Coordinator. You can make changes and updates through her.

Wedding Booklet & Frequently Asked Questions

This booklet is designed to help your wedding plans proceed as smoothly as possible. We ask that you read this booklet and bring it to your initial meeting with your Wedding Director. Brides who have booked their wedding at First Baptist Jackson may request a paper copy from our Wedding Coordinator.

Wedding Booklet
Wedding FAQ
Premarital Counseling FAQ

Vendor Policies

All potential wedding vendors must review and accept the guidelines for participating in a wedding at First Baptist Jackson. Vendors may confirm agreement to these policies via electronic signature.

Florist & Decorating
Outside Caterer
Sanctuary Videographer
Chapel Videographer
Reception Dance and Band Guidelines
Submit Vendor’s Electronic Signature

Wedding CoordinatorWedding Coordinator

Dawn Jones is the Wedding Coordinator. She schedules and coordinates all weddings and receptions with the church. She oversees the team of Wedding Directors as well as the Pre-Marital Counseling sessions and seminars.

Wedding Committee

The Wedding Committee is a volunteer ministry of First Baptist Jackson. Each member is a trained Wedding Director.

Dawn Jones [email protected]
Judy Chen [email protected]
Malinda Brown [email protected]
Madeline Sanders [email protected]
Grace Mercer [email protected]

Our Wedding Ministry Staff

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