Through the worship ministry, we scholarship more than 10 students every semester to invest in them personally, spiritually, and academically. They are involved in our orchestra while in school and are active in leading worship each Sunday.

If you would like to make a gift to the Orchestra Scholarship Fund, please choose your preferred method of giving and include a note of “Orchestra Scholarship Fund” on checks and online giving.

Throughout these years here at FBJ as a member and scholarship recipient, I’ve come to cherish my journey of growth in my relationship with God and being able to minister and worship with the musical gift He’s given me. The scholarship has been a great financial contribution to my everyday life and music; however, it does not compare to the wonderful blessing of experiencing life and worship with God alongside my FBJ family.

Tyler Dennis


This program has allowed me to grow spiritually within a musical setting, it has offered me many friends who have turned into family, it has expanded me as a musician, and it has helped me follow God in His plans for me at Belhaven University.

Sarah Beth Mullen

The orchestra program has offered me a spiritual family many of which are still committed to my spiritual growth and well being. I’m so very grateful for FBJ and the scholarship program for all of the relationships this opportunity has afforded me!

Monquez Ford

I am so immensely thankful for the role that this orchestra program has played in my life. Not only has this scholarship been a significant support to me as a student, but it is also a constant blessing being part of such an overwhelmingly positive community who has given me not only an opportunity to further pursue my musical passions and to also give back to the Jackson community!

Noelani Perry

Apart from allowing me to continue my schooling, the FBJ Scholarship Program continues to test and push my abilities to play and to lead. With Christ being the program’s chief end, I’m challenged to not only a musical, but a spiritual excellence.

Zakary Jackson Joyner

I have truly enjoyed being apart of this amazing group. Through FBJ Orchestra I am able to experience worship in a whole new way and make it through school with financial security.

Amber Killough

The FBJ Orchestra Scholarship Program has been an incredible financial help to me during my sophomore year at Hinds Community College. With our new president in place, financial aid has been harder to access to pay music fees, but the scholarship program has allowed me to cover for my music and other miscellaneous expenses.

Delvin Kelly

The First Baptist Orchestra has been a blessing to me and my family. This opportunity gave me the chance to serve the Lord and His Church while playing music. It has helped me become a better musician and has given me the opportunity to be part of a biblical community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Christian Burford

The Scholarship helped power my way through the last two years of my college education. It, along with the Lord, guided me through the good and bad times.

Andrew Brown