read to feed the soul

Written by FBJ Women for Women

September 3, 2020

by: Camille Anding

A Learning List

Things learned only at the beach:

  • God’s greatness becomes more real when we witness the vastness of the ocean.
  • The sun will always find that portion of the body that missed the sunscreen.
  • Peanut butter sandwiches taste ten times better on the beach – even if they include a bit of sand.
  • Seagulls are like gossipers – news travels rapidly among them.
  • The roll of the ocean waves is far more effective than Tylenol PM.
  • Sand shovels never dig deep enough to find the end of the sand.
  • The waves are like God’s love – they never stop.
  • Children’s abilities to withstand and tolerate the icy water temps far exceed an adult’s.
  • Reading God’s Word on the beach is a taste of paradise.
  • Watches and clocks lose their power to dictate.
  • We should all learn the contentment that a pail and shovel give a child.
  • Aloe lotion is an essential item for beach vacations.
  • Regardless of what the family eats, it’s fine dining when we do it together.
  • The ancient practice of sun worship still exists.
  • A full moon shining through the trees at home doesn’t carry the same impact that the moon reflecting on the ocean carries.
  • Even rainy days are pretty on the beach.
  • A heavy fog can obscure the beach but can never muffle the waves’ symphonies.
  • Swimsuits come in all sizes!
  • Krispy Crème Donuts were invented for vacations.
  • Diets were designed for donut-eating vacationers.
  • Teenagers can survive on minimal sleep during beach vacations.
  • Churches are falling short on being salt and light to our youth – based on the behavior of some beach goers.
  • Forget the policy of blue jeans for office wear on Fridays. Make it pajama day every day!
  • Families love each other more and are more considerate of one another when they’re on the beach.
  • It’s a God-given blessing to take an early morning walk on the beach and know who to thank.

“How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom you made them all.” Psalm 104:24

Creator, I’m so grateful You gave us beaches and great bodies of water. They have brought healing to my being and been a part of wonderful family memories. You are so good to me, Father. Amen

Camille Anding

Camille Anding


  • Camille Anding is a child of God since age 12.
  • Wife of 53 years to Othel; mother to Tahya and Eli;l grandmother to seven grandchildren and two great-grands.
  • Retired from photography business with Othel. Now carry cameras on their travel adventures.
  • Freelance writer, regular contributor to Hometown magazines, and dedicated to living “my utmost for His highest.”