read to feed the soul

Written by FBJ Women for Women

May 3, 2022


“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.” John 3:20.

It’s a truth I must face. I tend to be partial to the cloudy, wintry days that arrest the bright sunlight and hold it at bay – only when it comes to the indoors. Let me explain. I’m an outside person – digging in the dirt, raking leaves and debris, planting seeds, trimming shrubs and lugging heavy stones from place to place – it’s the world I love. The inside of our dwelling is an entirely different animal.

I detest housekeeping which I understand to be ridding it of dust, grime, stains, germs and clutter. If I nurture and care for a blooming plant outdoors, the plant rewards me with new life and beautiful blooms. If I “housekeep” our home, it sparkles and gleams for an abbreviated time only to be revisited with dust, grime, stains, germs and clutter. It’s an endless task.

As for the cloudy, wintry days, they camouflage the dust and give me lengthier days between cleaning and dusting. Then here comes spring and summer with its piercing rays that flood through our “need-cleaning” windows onto our furniture and glass table surfaces that wreak of dust. The bright rays expose not only my dust but my poor rating as a proficient housekeeper. There’s no escaping the evidence. The sunlight makes it obvious.

Perhaps that’s why a lot of believers neglect regular Bible reading. Isn’t it amazing that manuscripts written by multiple persons over centuries of time are still so relevant and can actually call our name through the readings? The Word is light and shines that light into any darkness. The Word exposes sin – not just “their” sin but mine!

Prayer works the same way. In the stillness and silence of prayer, we seek audience with a holy God. Sin stands as a wall, separating me from the Father. As I pray, He shines His light into any sin that shrouds my life – touchiness, anger, unforgiving spirit, pride, selfishness, gossip, hate, judgmental attitude . . . The list seems endless, but the Father longs for our fellowship, so He shines His blazing light into our hearts to seek out those separating sins.

His radiant light is pure and as we repent and confess, the Light warms our hearts and reflects His Light into the lives around us. And – when we consider that His Holy Spirit is dwelling in the hearts of all believers, shouldn’t we be vigilant to provide Him a spotless, squeaky clean home?

Spotless Lamb of God, increase our desire to keep our temples clean, free from sin, so that You may be glorified in the way we keep house. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.