read to feed the soul

Written by FBJ Women for Women

Daily Perspective

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

How our world near and far has changed. A global pandemic stretched across this giant globe with a vengeance that distances couldn’t affect. It found no barriers. Now COVID is a universal word, recognized and feared by most.

As we swap our calendars for 2022, we linger over the thoughts of what this year holds. Will the pandemic continue to mutate into other challenges and fears? Will cold wars continue to escalate? Will inflation create and demand new lifestyles for families? Will crime continue to rise? Will corruption and immorality become an accepted trend?

The questions could lead us down a tunnel of doom and gloom – especially when we focus on the “what ifs” instead of our Refuge and Protection.

We church-goers are all familiar with the Lord’s model prayer. It’s a routine prayer in some congregations and consists of words that can flow from our lips without sinking into our hearts.

How often I have prayed in unison: “Give us this day our daily bread.” Yet I tend to think in weeks – even months. Jesus told us to observe the birds. Their daily supply never ends. His design is for His children to depend on His care and provision a day at a time.

Just stop and think how much stress would dissipate if our tomorrows didn’t rob us of today’s blessings. We would live today solely in today and depend on our caring Father for these twenty-four hours. After all, tomorrows never actually come.

Lord of all, Your directions for the abundant life aren’t complex. Teach us to live one day at a time with trust and joy to the extent we make the lost long for what we have. Amen.