We have all been watching the images coming out of Ukraine. The suffering touches our hearts. The pictures of people fleeing from their homes, escaping to other countries just to be safe, have left us wondering, “What can we do? We are praying for these people, but is there a way we can help to meet their needs and show them the love of Christ?” The answer is, “Yes, you can.”

The International Mission Board, through Send Relief, has had people on the ground in Poland in recent days, assessing the situation and determining the best ways to help. The time will come for churches like ours to send teams to be directly involved, but for now the need is funds to buy blankets, to give food, to provide shelter. Send Relief, in cooperation with local Baptist partners and our IMB workers in Europe, is asking for generous donations to help supply these basic necessities of life.

One of those sent by the IMB to see what can be done is from our own congregation. As he stood on the Polish border and watched the flood of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, coming into Poland seeking refuge, he said, “It’s been overwhelming….watching this unfold. And then it hit me with sadness and compassion and lament. I’ve been on the brink of tears most of the day.”

If you want to help, and to be sure that every dollar you are giving goes to showing the love of Jesus to these people whose lives have been devastated in recent days, click the button below to learn. how you can give.


  • Pray for all of the people impacted by this war.
  • Pray for safe passages out of combat zones for displaced populations.
  • Pray for wisdom for government officials.
  • Pray that in the face of conflict, people will find psychological, emotional and spiritual healing from this trauma.
  • Pray for soldiers on both sides of this conflict to be safe from harm.
  • Pray for Local churches, relief workers, and humanitarian aid organizations to care for what could be a massive wave of displaced peoples in Ukraine.
  • Pray Disciples Church in Lviv, Ukraine, and its church plant in Bryukhovychi. Many of the people
    there are displaced from the East. Pray for peace for these believers as they had hoped this
    conflict from eight years ago was over and now, they are facing it again.
  • Pray for the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary as it wrestles with how to assist its students in this time of crisis.
  • Pray for believers as they seek to be a light in the darkness.
  • Pray that those on both sides who have never heard the gospel will have an opportunity to experience the hope of Jesus.