Initial Consultation

An Initial Consultation is required for every potential client of our Evaluation Services, with the exception of IQ testing for an adult. Allow 1 hour for this Initial Consultation appointment.

You may schedule an Initial Consultation appointment to discuss the academic and/or behavioral history of an individual and to make a determination about the assessments needed. An array of evaluation options is available to help determine an appropriate diagnosis as well as begin the process of determining helpful interventions. A licensed psychometrist and educator will provide the individual evaluations and recommendations. Our goal is to give individuals and families the tools to function to their highest potentials.

What to Bring With You

Regarding Children
Parents should bring the following:

Completed “Student Intake Form”
most recent report card
any pertinent discipline reports
any previous evaluation results
any pertinent medical diagnosis documentation.

Regarding Adults

Any previous diagnosis documentation.


The cost of an Initial Consultation is $100 for a 1-hour session.
If you choose to schedule testing for your child, we will credit the $100 toward the testing fee (to be determined by the specific testing needed for your child).
If there is no testing scheduled, your $100 fee will cover your entire fee for the Initial Consultation. This amount is non-refundable.

Types of Testing

Comprehensive Educational Evaluation
Intelligence Testing
Achievement Testing (Reading and/or Math)

Call our office at 601.949.1949 for an Initial Consultation appointment with Vicki Kilpatrick.