We believe that our mission as a body of believers is to multiply disciples to live like Jesus.  We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and the integrity of the Holy Scriptures has been divinely protected through the ages.  We believe in the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit and in the deity of Jesus Christ and His virgin birth.  We also believe in the forgiveness of sin through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and that salvation is by grace through faith, and that Jesus Christ will return. Read our full statement of faith to learn more.

Know and follow Jesus

One of the best ways to know Jesus is to engage in worship with a body of Believers. First Jackson has worship service options that fit your schedule including FirstJackson.tv, a 24 hour online broadcast.

Connect to Christ-centered Community

There are many ways to connect at First Jackson through small groups, our worship ministry, our recreation ministry, and through mission teams.


Invest in a Few

At First Jackson we believe that we need to allow our church to be who God has called it to be with everything we’ve got and invest in a few so we can reach the many. One way to invest in a few is through First Jackson First Groups.

Make a Difference

First Jackson has many opportunities to impact the lives of others, whether it be for Inner City ministry, teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir, going on a Mission trip or volunteering in the Preschool.

Core Values

Our core values support our mission to multiple disciples to live like Jesus. Experience First Jackson by contacting us or by scheduling a visit.