Looking to connect to a group during this time of social distancing? Below are resources you can use to help set up your Sunday School class, LifeGroup, or Small Group for online interaction. Are you looking to connect to a group that is online? Scroll down to view the list of classes and groups that are online weekly and contact their group leader using the information provided. If you have any questions, please contact the Discipleship and Family Ministry office at 601-949-1968 or [email protected]


To join one of our Sunday morning online groups, please click on the link to email the corresponding leader. We have live and pretaped options for several ages and stages listed below.

If you do not currently have a group or your group is not meeting online, we invite you to join our Sunday morning Bible Study group session led by Doug Gunn and Nick Walters. To join this online study click here beginning at 8:30 a.m. Sunday mornings. The meeting ID is 402 282 962.

Single Adults (22-26) | Zoom
Leaders: Aldridge/Aven/Sullivan/Zachary
Contact: Ross Aven

Single Adults (27-34) | Zoom
Leaders: Jack Lane, Stacy Davidson, John Lewis
Contact: John Lewis

Bruce Warf
Associate Pastor
Discipleship & Family Ministry

Young Professionals (Coed) | Zoom
Leaders: Cody Bailey, Graham Calvert, Bill Ashford, Matt Jones
Contact: Cody Bailey

Young Married Adults | Zoom
Leaders: Perkins/Rosamond/McCleese
Contact: Amy Perkins

Young Adults (Married) | Zoom
Leaders: Steele/Fiser
Contact: Mary Lee Steele

Young Adults (Married) | Zoom
Leaders: Waller/Meck
Contact: Jackie Meck

Median Adults (Single Coed) | Zoom
Leader: Jim Merritt

Single Adults (35-49) | Zoom
Leaders: Williams/Calhoun
Contact: Mark Williams

Median Adults (Married; 40-45) | Zoom
Leaders: Adkins/Filgo/Thompson
Contact: Mike Thompson

Median Adults (Married; 40-45) | Zoom
Leader: Tate Thigpen

Median Adults (Married; 45-60) | Zoom
Leader: Tim Burton

Median Adults (Married; 50-64) | Zoom
Leader: Sam Peeples

Median Adults (Married; All Ages) | Zoom
Leaders: Bill Boteler/Joe Young
Contact: Bill Boteler

Emmaus (Married; All Ages) | Facebook Live
Leaders: Nick Walters & Ken Blackstock
Contact: Ken Blackstock

Median Adults (Married; All Ages) | YouTube (pretaped)
Leaders: Johnson/Barnett
Contact: Harold Johnson

Median Adults (Married; All Ages) | Zoom
Leader: Kendall Smith

Hope Class (Coed; All Ages) | Zoom
Leader: Bill Townsend

Senior Adults (Women) | Zoom
Leaders: McMinn/McCurley
Contact: Elisa McCurley

Sojourners (Single Coed; 60s) | Zoom
Contact: Richard Corkern

Choir Class (Coed; All Ages) | Zoom
Leader: Harry Barrett

Tom Washburn
Associate Pastor
Pastoral Ministry/Senior Adults

Senior Adults (Married) | Zoom
Leader: Don Watts

Senior Adults (Married) | Zoom
Leaders: Bobby Baker & Peggy Johnson
Contact: Bobby Baker


Parents, check here each week for materials related to the coming Sunday’s group discussions.


RightNow Media is a streaming library of Bible studies that can be used by individuals, small groups, and Bible study groups. This service is free to FBJ members. If you do not have an account, email Bruce Warf to start the registration process.


If you have an online meeting platform you are accustomed to already, please use it. This may be Zoom, Google Hangouts or Meet, or WebEx. For those looking for an online solution, we are recommending Zoom for a safe, free option for up to 40 minutes and 100 people to meet. Below is a cheat sheet you can use to help set up your account to connect your group.