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Written by FBJ Women for Women

November 9, 2020

by: Valerie Rumfelt

Five Ways to Handle a Busy Schedule

My husband and I are in full-time ministry, and just like you, we are busy. Like you, we struggle with time management, priorities, and just getting the daily list done sometimes. Some days the pressure comes, and it honestly seems no way to get it all done. As the holidays approach, you may find you have to drop some things and add other things. None of us can do it all. Wherever you may be on this continuum, maybe some of these ideas will help you as they’ve helped me.

  1. Make a list. You don’t need a fancy planner to make lists. Use the notes on your phone or other apps. Whatever you use, you will find a sense of accomplishment for every task marked off or deleted.
  2. Set the timer. When pressure comes, setting a timer moves my focus from all the tasks. The focus shifts to the job at that moment, and it never ceases to amaze me the satisfaction that comes after a 20-minute time frame. Repeat as needed.
  3. Turn on background music. Calm music gives me a sense of being in charge and the manager of my world. It also makes the job more pleasant.
  4. Pray. You don’t have to be in prayer posture. Talk to Jesus everywhere you go. Even if you remain at home working, talk to Him. When I lose something, I ask Him to help me find it. Also, if I don’t see it, my frustration level doesn’t get out of control. Have you ever paused to ask the Lord to redeem the time? Ask God to be in charge of all you do; how you sound on the phone and talk with others is a good start.
  5. Listen to inspiring things. If you are running errands, choose what you let in your brain, Car time can get the best of you. You can end up getting road rage or thinking poor thoughts. Focus your mind on the beautiful music. Use your phone to listen to the Bible. Wholesome audiobooks take me to a pleasant place.

Not all days are going to be productive in terms of a list. I’ve sat at my desk at the end of a day, and not one thing on my list was marked off. That’s when I think the Lord had another plan for that day.

As the holiday season looms on the horizon, it’s essential to keep some of your usual routines. It’s good also to be open to eliminating some other things which send you to your crazy place. Remember to keep your focus on your relationship with God and place this as a priority if it isn’t. God is the one who gives you your life, and honoring Him is a daily joy.

But do everything properly and in order. I Corinthians 14:40

Father, give me the desire to place you first at the beginning of every day. I know you will order my steps and I will be at peace walking with you. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Valerie Rumfelt

Valerie Rumfelt


  • Valerie Rumfelt is an on-mission writer, sharing winning ways to follow Jesus
  • She and her husband, Clark, formerly served with the NAMB and have been church planters in Canada and Rhode Island and were the Executive Directors for Buried Treasures Home
  • They will be serving with the IMB in Japan and working as a part of Southern Baptist efforts to be a light among the many people living in darkness.
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