We Love Jackson

We Love Jackson
Event Start: July 28, 2017
Event End: July 30, 2017
Event Time:
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Event Location: various

Join us again for We Love Jackson. For the weekend of July 28 – July 30, you’ll have the opportunity to serve at Dress a Child, or conduct a project in your own community.

How can you support We Love Jackson? You can participate in Dress a Child, or you can select another easy way to serve your community and neighborhood through everyday activities. During the We Love Jackson weekend, plan an event that allows you to share the love of Christ with your neighbors. Here are some examples:

Walk around your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors who are open to being prayed for.
Take a neighbor a homemade gift (cookies, etc.)
Wash a neighbor’s car
Mow a neighbor’s lawn
Babysit for free for one of your neighbors
Invite your neighbors to a grillout at your house
Conduct a “meet and greet” at an apartment complex
Have an ice cream party
Write a card or note and send to your neighbor
Offer to help with repairs at your neighbor’s house
Invite a family to dinner
Work with other church members in your community to clean up a park or common area together
Work with other church members to provide snacks for a local sporting event
Plan activities for kids in a neighborhood public area or playground
Repair or clean up a neighborhood public area.

We want to share your event so let us know what you’re doing by taking a picture of your event and sending it to info@fbcj.org!