The 9:30 Class (Fiser / Steele)

The 9:30 Class (Fiser / Steele)
Event Start: Every Sunday
Event End:
Event Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Event Cost:
Event Location: 4th Floor, W433

Consists of young couples (ages 20-45) with the idea that life and Sunday mornings are busy (several class members serve and sing in the music ministry), this great class begins at 9:30 but has great fellowship beginning at 9:00. Impactful teaching through various studies and series takes place throughout the year.

Greg and Al, who are great teachers, take a book of the Bible and study it for a month. Our group loves these in-depth studies which offer unique insights into often studies books. The teachers also love input from members as to what they want to study.


Al Steele & Greg Fiser

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