Passages to Read

For a full account of the events of this day, see Matthew 27:62–66.

Personal Study

Very little is written about the Saturday following Christ’s crucifixion, but it is special because it is the only day in history where the body of Christ lies buried in a cave. Jewish custom dictated that crucified bodies be taken down before evening. The previous day, scripture tells us that a man named Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for permission to take Jesus’ earthly body. 

On this Saturday, we can naturally discern that the disciples and followers of Christ had to have been crushed emotionally by what they experienced. Jesus had been brutalized and crucified, only to leave them alone in their grief. The passage provided details that Saturday, while short, gives us some specifics. What we do know is that the Jewish religious officials still had Jesus and His prophecy on their minds. They wanted to be sure this was the end of hearing about Him, so they asked Pilate to have guards placed in front of the tomb so his body could not be stolen. 

So, on this quiet Sabbath Saturday, while many mourned, those who opposed Jesus took steps to make sure this was over . . . but it wasn’t. 

Prayer and Reflection Point

We know that forever is changed after this quiet Saturday, but the followers then didn’t know. They had seen miracles, heard His teachings, walked with Him daily, but now they were alone and probably scared. While we know how this story ends, we can also relate to the feelings of His followers on that Saturday. Sometimes we face circumstances that we do not understand. We only have half of the story. Thankfully, our heavenly Father knows our situation and is sovereign over all things and time. Spend some time giving thanks to God for previous situations that felt like they had no answer. Give over to Him today present circumstances that burden your heart or those around you today. This quiet Saturday was a time of mourning, but tomorrow, Resurrection Sunday, we celebrate knowing that death has been defeated! Fear, sickness, feeling hopeless, the angst of being lonely, hurt, and the list goes on and on, will be gone one day for those who call on Him as Savior. 

Family Application and Map Check Point

Read Matthew 27:62-66 and find the Garden Tomb on the Map. Talk about how the disciples might have felt. When we feel sad or alone, what are some things we can do to remember that God is with us? As a family activity, plan ahead by going to the grocery for items needed to make resurrection rolls. Search on the internet and find recipes to make this together as a family. 

Holy Week Timeline

Pilate ordered guards posted at the tomb (Matthew 27:62–66).