I Peter 4:10 NIV says, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

Each year our church has the opportunity to nominate and elect church members who possess these spiritual gifts and talents to serve on the seven Church Standing Committees and the Leadership Committee within our church. With so much excitement and opportunity ahead for FBJ, it is a great time to select men and women from our congregation to work alongside Pastor Chip and our wonderful church staff to guide our church and do Kingdom work.

The Committee on Committees is charged each year with recommending to the Church the members to serve in these elected positions. This year’s Committee on Committees is ready to begin the process, and we humbly ask that you assist us. Here is how each church member can assist:

  • Prayerfully consider and nominate men and women for the vacant, church-elected committee positions, by placing their name(s) in the boxes on this form.
  • Remember that nominees for all committees must be a church member for the last three years and must be practicing tithers.
  • If you wish, please feel free to write a comment as to why you feel led to nominate this person and include your name. This is always helpful to the members of the Committee on Committees as they evaluate nominations.
  • You may also pick up a form at the church second and third levels or download at the link below.
  • Please submit nominations by the deadline at 5:00 P.M., on Monday, October 25, 2021.
  • Be prepared to vote on the committee recommendations in November. Date and time will be announced at a later date.
  • To be a helpmate of the Senior Pastor in carrying out the Senior Pastor's leadership role by providing support, accountability, and additional insight.

    Chip Stevens, Senior Pastor
    2022: Bob Filgo, Deacon Chairman
    2022: Brad Antici, Finance Chairman
    2022: Jim Merritt, Jr., Personnel Chairman
    2022: Lenora Bigler
    2023: Mark Rich, Deacon Chairman
    2023: Bill Boteler
    2024: Todd Adkins, Deacon Chairman
    2024: _____, Church-Elected

    Leadership Committee nominations and comments:
  • Recommends to the Church the members to serve in positions of the Leadership Committee and the church-elected positions on the Church Standing Committees.

    2022: Fred Rushton, Chairman
    2022: Buddy Huff
    2022: Ann Southerland
    2023: Todd Adkins, Chairman
    2023: Chad Cockrell
    2023: Reta Haire
    2024: Steve Dukes, Chairman
    2024: Tom Walker
    2024: Robin Wise

    Committee on Committees comments:
  • Responsible for the proper expenditures of all funds given to First Baptist Jackson.

    2022: Brad Antici, Chairman
    2022: Justin Stroud
    2022: David Hancock
    2023: John Scarbrough, Chairman
    2023: Jackie Gunn
    2023: Paul Calhoun
    2024: Cody Bailey, Chairman
    2024: _____, Church-Elected
    2024: _____, Church-Elected

    Finance Committee nominations and comments:
  • Responsible for overseeing all church-related personnel and human resources matters.

    2022: Jim Merritt, Jr., Chairman
    2022: Lee Ann Thigpen
    2022: Mark Williams
    2023: Buddy Huff, Chairman
    2023: Paul Adcock
    2023: Patsy Parkin
    2024: Mark McConnell, Chairman
    2024: _____, Church-Elected
    2024: _____Church-Elected

    Personnel Committee nominations and comments:
  • To oversee the operation and maintenance needs of the physical plant of our buildings and facilities. The Committee also addresses furnishings, furniture, and décor needs throughout our buildings, and serves as a clearing house for all such recommendations.

    2022: Frank Stebbins III, Chairman
    2022: Jerold Sit
    2022: Royal Catchings
    2023: Johnny Newell, Chairman
    2023: Sandra Gobbel
    2023: Rodney DePriest
    2024: Sonny Kullman, Chairman
    2024: _____, Church-Elected
    2024: _____, Church-Elected

    Building & Maintenance Committee nominations and comments:
  • To plan, coordinate, and oversee the training, equipping and deployment of our church members seeking to share the gospel in our community (Jerusalem and Judea), country (Samaria), and world (ends of the earth).

    2022: Richard Corkern, Chairman
    2022: Clara Torns
    2022: Peg Guthrie
    2023: Brad Moreman, Chairman
    2023: Jeff Zachary
    2023: _____, Church-Elected
    2024: John Lewis, Chairman
    2024: ____, Church-Elected
    2024: _____, Church-Elected

    Evangelism Committee nominations and comments:
  • To manage funds of First Baptist Jackson in accordance with the investment policy of the church and any specific provisions as stated in documents creating any endowment of the church.

    2022: Bob Turner, Chairman
    2022: Robert Halford
    2022: Blake Johnson
    2023: Travis Woods, Chairman
    2023: Ashley Mosley
    2023: Rebecca Greer Barrett
    2024: Blake Headley, Chairman
    2024: _____, Church-Elected
    2024: _____, Church-Elected

    Investment Committee nominations and comments:
  • To evaluate and recommend men to be selected for service as Active, Reserve and Life Deacons.

    2022: Richard Rebich, Chairman
    2022: Bae Waller
    2022: Bill Boteler
    2022: Mark Rich, 2023 Deacon Chairman
    2023: Karan Payne
    2023: Jeff Zachary
    2023: Cody Bailey
    2024: Brian Fortenberry, Chairman
    2024: Michael Ford, Sr.
    2024: Jo Anne Massey

    Deacon Nominating Committee comments:
  • Nominates female church members to serve on the Church Committee on Committees and the Deacon Nominating Committee.

    2022: Mitzi Norris
    2022: Linda Scafidel
    2022: Elizabeth Rich
    2023: Rhonda Armstrong
    2023: Devin Moseley
    2023: Millie Quarterman 2024: Jessica Holmes
    2024: Nancey Byrd
    2024: Crissie Walker

    WMU/WEM Executive Committee comments:
  • To promote and encourage a consistent prayer ministry for our church. This ministry provides the opportunity for our church family to pray for missionaries around the world, daily needs of our congregation, and for the needs listed from our Sunday School Classes and Worship.

    2022: Andy Talley, Chairman
    2022: Mary Lee Steele
    2022: Dottie Hudson
    2023: Danny White, Chairman
    2023: Sarah Elliott
    2023: Patricia Switzer
    2024: David Nichols, Chairman
    2024: _____, Church-Elected
    2024: _____, Church-Elected

    Intercessory Prayer Committee nominations and comments:
  • To oversee the mission ministries of the church. They work with the WMU/WEM and the Evangelism Ministry Committee to train, equip, and deploy mission ministries to our community (Jerusalem and Judea), country (Samaria), and world (ends of the earth) through direct involvement, giving, and prayer.

    2022: Doug Parkin, Chairman
    2022: Josh Dennis
    2022: Gee Wei Lee
    2023: Doug Gunn, Chairman
    2023: Amy Perkins
    2023: Matt Jones
    2024: Matt Jones, Chairman
    2024: _____, Church-Elected
    2024: _____, Church-Elected

    Missions Committee nominations and comments: