Comprehensive Educational Evaluation


Provide Comprehensive Evaluations for students to determine if a disability exists such as reading or math disabilities, ADHD, and developmental disabilities, et cetera.

Provide Comprehensive Evaluation if a child is experiencing difficulties in school and a parent wants testing done to determine the possible reasons(s) (academic or behavioral).


The first 2 steps can be scheduled separately or back-to-back. The 3rd step is scheduled no less than 1 week after the 2nd step.

Step 1: 1-Hour Initial Consultation (parents only)
Step 2: 2-3 Hour Testing (child only)
Step 3: 1-Hour Results Session (parents only – oral and written report provided)


Achievement Testing
Intelligence (IQ) Testing
ADHD Evaluation, if needed

What to Bring With You

Completed “Student Intake Form” below, most recent report card, any pertinent discipline reports, any previous evaluation results, and any pertinent medical diagnosis documentation.

Download Student Intake Form