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Written by FBJ Women for Women

April 8, 2021

by: Elisa McCurley

Calling God

A true story about a new Christian’s panic and a lesson learned.

A young newlywed and a brand new Christian just venturing out into the art world was given the news that she would have a painting hung in an exhibit of some renown. She was excited and wanted everything to be perfect. After reading all requirements she rushed out to get her painting perfectly framed. It was a good day.

But like the rain that sneaks over the sun sometimes all that excitement can make you rush ahead of resources and turn the day into not good. When presented with the bill for the frame she was too embarrassed to admit it was too expensive, so she paid it. Returning home with her perfectly framed painting she wondered how would she ever explain to her husband she had impulsively spent money not in their budget?

Sitting and staring out the window with worry she noticed the mailman coming down the street. With last Sunday’s lesson, “ask and you shall receive” fresh in her mind she called on God, “Lord, please put $68.38 in my mailbox.” Walking to the window she watched the mailman as he approached, then ran to the mailbox expecting to see $68.38 paperclip to a note saying “Love Lord”. What she found was a jury summons. That night her husband was excited for her and not worried about the money, she had panicked for nothing.

To make a long story short: she served out that jury summons and two weeks later received payment for her service . . . a check for $68.38.

The lesson or moral of this story is God provides, sometimes in unexpected ways, but with a lot less anxiety if you consult Him first before you take action. His ways are not always our ways.
“Make me know Your ways O Lord; teach me Your paths.” Proverbs 25:4

My Dear Lord, Give me courage to endure and see see you at work in my life. Help me make right decisions so that I will not need rescuing. I thank you for the many rescues you have sent my way.” Amen

Elisa McCurley

Elisa McCurley


  • Elisa Minor McCurley has been a child of God since she was 27.
  • Married to Thomas for 54 years and Mom to Tracie and Mark, Grandma to four.
  • Retired from her career as an Interior Designer.
  • Now and until she steps into heaven a Bible teacher, Poet, Writer, Artist, and dedicated to living out His plan and purpose for her life.