This Advent season we want to help you and your family connect with Christ and reimagine Christmas by looking back at the very first Christmas. This guide contains four weeks of material for you and/or your family to walk through together. This is not just a guide for adults but for students and families. Each devotion will have a section for personal study, personal reflection, and a family discipleship time. The personal study time should help you prepare and reflect before spending time together with the family discipleship components. The family discipleship times do not require any extensive preparation time. College students are also encouraged to use this guide to initiate discussions with their roommates.

We also have an Advent calendar suitable for all ages to focus on the story of how God sent joy to the world and a suggestion for how you might spread some joy of your own as a family. Even if you know these stories well, do not rush past what God might be trying to say to you and your family this season. Our prayer is that this Advent devotional guide would help you and your family recenter on the meaning of Christmas.