Jewels Faulkner Tauzin has been in our church her entire life. That’s been eighteen years now and her life is about to take a huge turn. Jewels Faulkner will be graduating from high school and in a few short weeks, she’ll join her senior class peers in the May 6 worship service to celebrate this huge milestone in her life.

Jewels Faulkner will be moving to Memphis to go to Rhodes College to study English. “I want to be a writer and write for a magazine or a non-profit,” says Jewels Faulkner. Writing and creativity fit her nicely as she’s been an active part of the First Baptist Jackson student ministry since she’s been in high school and thrives on the relationships that the ministry has given her. “I look up to so many people who’ve been with me the whole time I’ve been In our church. People like Anne Lewis have mentored me, and I consider her one of my best friends,” says Jewels Faulkner.

CityChurch is one of her favorite ministries because she knows the great needs that need to be filled by people consistently ministering to the children in that community. “It doesn’t even feel like I’m volunteering there anymore, it feels like I belong there. That’s been my biggest role there – just being consistent.”

Jewels Faulkner, along with all of the other First Baptist Jackson graduates this year, all comment on the appreciation that they have for a large number of schools who are represented every week in our church. “I have friends from schools all around Jackson, and that’s something that most churches don’t offer,” says Jewels Faulkner.

When asked for words of wisdom, Jewels Faulkner says: “Invest and spend time with the kids your age in our church. Don’t drop out. Stay active and cherish the friendships. These will be life-long friends. No one has ever regretted not dropping out of a student ministry.”

Senior Sunday is May 6. The class of 2018 will be honored and they will make a special presentation honoring the 180th anniversary of our church.