God’s divine connections to bring Anne Graham Lotz to First Baptist Jackson
by Cindy Townsend

It All Began in 2011
Robin Wise, our Woman’s Missionary Union President, listened to the messages of Anne Graham Lotz online while the rest of her family were watching NFL football. Looking back, Robin sees how God began His way in that seemingly insignificant moment. Robin was moved by the urgency of her message as Anne reminded her listeners that Jesus is coming soon and we need to share His love with all peoples now. Anne even shared we might very well be the generation to see the return of our Lord.

A Closed Door in 2016 
Later, Robin contacted Lotz’s AnGeL Ministries and began the process of inviting Anne to First Baptist Jackson for a Woman’s Missionary Union event at our church. Unfortunately, Lotz was unable to commit due to an already booked schedule – door closed.

Praying for an Open door 
Lotz agreed to pray about a future possibility of coming a year or so later to Mississippi. “We began to pray for the Lord to open this door if it was His will for our church,” Robin said.

First Baptist Jackson Women Unite for His Purposes 
In 2018, WMU and Women’s Enrichment Ministry (WEM) committed to do something together to unite our women and draw people from surrounding areas into our church for worship. Anne Graham Lotz seemed to be the obvious choice for such an endeavor. Beverly Shelton, our First Baptist Jackson WEM Team Leader says, “About fifteen years ago the Women’s Enrichment Ministry was birthed at First Baptist Jackson. Our first ladies group event was a bus trip to Dallas, Texas, to see Anne Graham Lotz. We spent two days listening to one of the most wonderful women’s Bible teachers of our time. We have since that time taught several of Anne’s studies and made another bus trip to see her in New Orleans. Anne will always have a special place in the hearts of the women of First Baptist Jackson, and we are thrilled to have her be our special guest.” After months of prayer and diligent work to coordinate calendars, Anne Graham Lotz is coming to First Baptist Jackson in February of 2019. Thanks be to our Lord for opening this door of opportunity for our church.

First Baptist Jackson WMU and WEM to host Anne Graham Lotz – what a joy!
More About Anne:
Having been named by the New York Times as one of the five most influential evangelists of her generation. Billy Graham agrees that his daughter Anne Graham Lotz boldly proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Whether writing books, speaking to thousands, or appearing on television Anne is always urging believers and nonbelievers to live their life as if they are expecting to see Jesus at any time. Robin Wise says, “Anne Graham Lotz has the same mission as our WMU – to see all peoples come to know the saving grace of our Lord!”

Anne is
•an internationally acclaimed speaker
•the second daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham.
•a featured speaker at conferences, seminaries, churches, and universities on every continent of the world with the exception of Antarctica.
•founder of AnGeL Ministries, a non-profit corporation, which seeks to give out messages of Biblical exposition through her speaking, tapes and books. •
•a teacher of God’s Word for arena events, Just Give Me Jesus, a life-changing revival for women, held in over thirty cities around the world.
•Chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force

Mark your calendar now to attend February 15 and 16, 2019.

Anne’s aim is clear – to bring revival to the hearts of God’s people.  And her message is consistent – calling people to a personal relationship with God through His Word.  Anne says sometimes as you read God’s Word “it’s like He is leaning out of heaven speaking to you.” Come join Anne and let God lean out of heaven and speak personally into your life!

For more information contact:
First Baptist Jackson Minister of WMU and WEM
Cindy Townsend