When Ty Dennis moved from Houston, Texas, to Jackson, Mississippi, two years ago to attend Jackson State University, her entire life changed. Coming from a Christ-centered home and parents who have supported her for her entire life, she wasn’t fully prepared for the toll that a secular world would have on her.

“I found myself living a life that was pulling away from God, not pushing towards Him,” says Ty to her Sunday School class at First Baptist Jackson. “Over the course of a short time I had gotten so far away from the Truth, that I was a different person. I made the mistake of choosing the wrong people to be around. It became noticeable to my parents, especially my mom, and one day I decided that I needed to confess to her and my father and try to fill the void that now existed.”

“I was ashamed and I broke down completely, I told them everything. I told them because I trusted them and I knew they, along with my Savior, could get me back on track,” continues Ty. “I knew that I needed God; I needed to reclaim my relationship with Him. I started with technical cleansing. I deleted contacts, apps, and everything else on my phone that was tempting. I didn’t call anyone all summer long. I then delved completely into the Word, starting with the book of Romans, and then Ephesians. It was a miracle, and I knew that God was helping me grow back into the woman he expects me to be. My family was great support and they helped me on this journey. Summer was great, but then it came time to go back to school – the place where I had wandered.”

“I was really nervous going back to the Fall 2017 semester. The same people would be there and it was up to me to make good decisions now. I prayed constantly for God to be with me. My specific prayer was for God to tell me directly who I needed to be around. That’s where I had been weak. The scripture I kept coming back to was ‘Blessed is the man who trusts the Lord’ from Jeremiah 17:7.”

“Another thing I prayed for was that God help me to not hold any grudges when I returned to school. God was faithful to me and answered my prayers when my good friend Khristian Foreman asked me if I would be interested in playing in the church orchestra that he plays in weekly in Jackson. Since two other friends had mentioned it, I thought I would pursue it. The orchestra that they were talking about was the First Baptist Jackson Worship Orchestra that leads worship every Sunday at First Baptist Jackson. I made a phone call and now I’m an active part of that group and God has given me a whole new group of people that I can be accountable to. He answered my specific prayer of directing me to the right people to be around!”

Since Ty has been back in school this year, she has grown and thrived in many ways: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and musically. You will see her, along with Khristian and her other Jackson State University friends, every week playing in the First Baptist Jackson Worship Orchestra. She’s also an active member of the Twenties and Thirties Sunday School class that meets at 9:00 on Sunday mornings in the CLC Dining Room. This class is made up of young adults and they study the Bible and how to apply it to life situations. “We have a great group of young adults who love to learn and grow in their faith,” says John Lewis, one of the class teachers. Learn more about the Twenties and Thirties class and other small group opportunities at FirstBaptistJackson.org


  1. Megan Young

    Thank you for sharing your story with our class! God strengthens us and builds us up through community, and we’re so blessed you’re part of ours!

  2. "Jean Lee

    I enjoyed reading about Ty’s realization, that she had strayed from her chosen pathway. God placed another peer, at the right time and place, and someone who could give her great advice. Thank God for him. Thank God for Ty in being receptive in receiving this advice. Thank God for First Baptist Church, in being a vessel, in helping Ty reclaim her relationship with God.