A Modern-day Pioneer and Difference Maker

Walt Disney has been credited as the pioneer of the American animation industry because of his unprecedented creative ability to successfully bring the human imagination to life in a picture; a motion picture to be exact. Around the time when he was introducing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the world, another pioneer was being born, and this time it was someone closer to home who has changed more lives and left more impressions than can ever be counted.

“Almost 60 years ago Carl Hudson and I got married after meeting at Mississippi College. He was a pastor, so I always thought my life would be one of a homemaker and stay-home mom. Even though I had a college degree, women back then, especially pastor’s wives, didn’t work,” says Dottie Hudson. “After our third child, we started to struggle a bit financially and a local headmaster at one of the schools in our community called me and offered me a teaching position. I had to consider it because of the difficult time we were in,” continues Dottie. Dottie accepted that job and has worked ever since.

“I loved teaching, but what I really loved was counseling students who needed help. I would talk to them about their problems and I found myself in a place where I wanted to learn more about how to do that. I went to LSU and received a Masters Degree at the age of 50.”

Since her arrival at First Baptist Jackson twenty-eight years ago, she has pioneered some of the most successful and life-changing ministries that we are benefiting from today. She has been on staff at Summit Counseling and specializes in marriage and women’s issues. Dottie started the wedding program that we have today because she felt it was important that a young couple receive counseling and be advised by a Godly wedding coordinator during the wedding planning process. Hundreds of young couples have started their lives at First Baptist Jackson as a result of this ministry that focuses on building and maintaining Godly homes.

It doesn’t stop there. Dottie was a driving force in starting The Rejoice Bible Study for young moms, and she has been an advocate for women’s mentoring programs at First Baptist Jackson, as well. Whether it’s teaching Sunday School or counseling Dottie has made an impact on every area of our campus. Lately, she can be found in any number of spots on Sunday morning greeting new visitors, smiling, and being the first person you want to talk to when you enter the building.

This week Dottie turns the page and starts a new chapter in her life. She is officially retiring from the Summit Counseling staff after twenty-eight years. “I thank God daily for the privledge of being at First Baptist Jackson where God is the center of the counseling ministry. I have loved every minute of guiding people through the Godly principles of life,” says Dottie.

When asked what’s next, Dottie simply replies, “I’m teaching a Bible study at the Orchard and spending time with my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I’m in a writing group and I want to continue to write more. My dream is that I function as long as the Lord lets me and that He allows me to be available to talk to people whenever they need me.”

Learn more about the history of Summit Counseling at First Baptist Jackson and about Dottie Hudson’s counseling ministry.


  1. Bonnie Murphy

    Dottie Hudson is one of the finest woman I have known in my life…if not the finest! Love radiates from her being, and she is real! By that I mean sincere, earnest, giving, loving, unselfish, kindest…I could go on and on. She was my Bibile study teacher and pastor’s wife for many years, and I will always be grateful for the privilege of knowing her. I know she is and will be a blessing to anyone she is around, in whatever capacity. I dearly love you, Dottie!

  2. Charlotte Walters

    What a Godly woman and servant of our Lord! She brings Joy to everyone around her. By being my friend she has made my life better and given me the desire to walk so much closer to our Lord and Savior
    Love you Dottie and I am sure you will keep on serving HIM!

  3. Tom Washburn

    Dottie Hudson may just be about the best picture of Jesus we will ever see, down here. Her heart looks so much like His. Her eyes see people like His. Her ears are tuned to what we really mean like His. Lives are better all over the place because of Dottie!!

  4. Clark and Valerie Rumfelt

    Clark and I love Dottie. She is spiritually in tune and loves people as Jesus does. She’s friendly and such a sweet lady. She’s not living for retirement, but she is living for Jesus.

  5. Gina Clark Graham

    Dottie Hudson is one of the sweetest most Godly women I have EVER known. She made such an impact on my life at a very vulnerable time, and her counsel still goes with me every day. Not sure where I would be if not for her following God’s calling in her life. She is such a gift. I am honored just to call her friend.

  6. Brandy Criss Rounsaville

    Dottie you are an inspiration to me. You are the hands and feet of our Lord and Savior. I know you’ll continue to run the race and seek the Lord daily. May you be blessed in the years to come. Proverbs 31:25 Strength and honor are her clothing; She shall rejoice in time to come.

  7. Janet smith

    Dottie,no one personifies what a life totally surrendered to Jesus looks like more than you. I have watch you, listened to you and heard other testimonies of how you have touch hearts and souls for him over my 60 years of fellowship at FBCJ. I am honored to call you my constant friend and hero
    of the faith. Janet Smith

  8. Dot Gamblin

    Oh Dottie… how precious you are to so many people. What a joy and treasure you are to me. I am blessed to call you my dear friend. Thank you for being such a beautiful example of a godly woman for all of us. God bless you.
    With much love
    Dot Gamblin

  9. Norman Joseph

    You are the BEST, Ms Dottie! May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless others.

  10. Mary Barlow

    Dottie brought Johnny and me off the ledge several times during our pre-marital counseling sessions. Then she hooked me up with Rejoice, a weekly mom’s group when Savannah was two months old. Dottie impacted our lives in such a positive way and we’ll always love her!!!

  11. Charlotte Cockrell

    Dottie Hudson has certainly been a Difference Maker in my life, and in my family. After all these years, we still quote Dottie among ourselves as we try to walk in the direction she exemplified as a follower of Christ. One thing Dottie shared with me concerning highly intelligent and strong willed children, “Just pray and keep them between the ditches. These are the children who will change the world.” I have shared that with many young parents because Dottie was right (as always). My daughter has completely changed the world for two precious people. Yes. Dottie Hudson is and always will always be a Difference Maker to all of us who know and love her. She is also a Difference Maker to those who lives have been touched through our personal blessing of knowing her. Dottie, I will always love and appreciate you!

  12. Leslie Hancock

    Sweet Dottie, you have influenced my life more than anyone I have ever known! You have shared your wisdom and love and guided me to find the strength to try to be the woman God created me to be. I love you dearly!!

  13. Lynda Hatchett

    This lady is adorable, caring, loving, and serious FUN all rolled into one! An amazing gift from God to all who know her!