Introducing First Jackson’s Academy of Arts

Learn more about the Academy of Arts and how to enroll here.

On September 11, 2017, the First Baptist Jackson Academy of Arts will be opened to the public on our campus to offer instruction in all forms of art, from musical to visual, with a focus on reclaiming the arts for Christ.  “We want to nurture and provide every opportunity for anyone in our community to cultivate their God-given talent, whatever it is,” says Dr. Lavon Gray, Lead Worship Pastor.  “We already have a significant orchestra program in place as well as a Student Worship Arts program and the timing is right to go to the next level.  The Academy of Arts was one of the initiatives that is coming to life from the Worship 20/20 planning committee that began preparing for this kind of growth in 2015.  This committee prayerfully researched and vetted programs that would be instrumental in growing not only our worship ministry but also the bigger picture of growing the Kingdom by equipping the next generation of worship leaders with skills and resources that they may not have access to without a sponsoring church like First Jackson,” continues Dr. Gray.

Enrollment opens on June 1 on the First Jackson website and instruction will be offered in both a group setting and a private lesson format.  “We will offer classes for all orchestra instruments, piano, and vocal, as well as visual arts,” says Tim Walker, Associate Worship Pastor – Instrumental.  “Other programs, such as ballet, will be introduced in future semesters.  All classes and lessons are tuition-based and can be viewed on the website.  We have some of the best instructors in Jackson lined up to teach, including some of our First Jackson orchestra members who are advanced in proficiency,” continues Walker.

Classes are open to students of all ages as well as adults.  To enroll or learn more visit


  1. Rick Van Egmond

    Wonderful! We have had such programs in the past and the time is right to do it again. Thank you Worship Leaders!

  2. Deryll Stegall

    So excited to see this kick off. And thankful for the vision and leadership of Lavon, Tim and others. Let me know if I can help in any way. Makes me wanna get my old guitar out of the closet!